About Us

Company History


TMC is privately owned by Mark and Dreama Waldrop. Together they have extensive industry knowledge and experience. Mark’s background includes being a nursing home administrator and COO of 55 nursing homes before his involvement with the TMC family of health care companies. Dreama has 24+ years of experience as a licensed physical therapist specializing in Medicare documentation and denial/audit management. As an Owner and Manager she has always placed great focus on Regulatory Compliance. TMC and its affiliated entities, Quality Care Rehab, TriStar Rehab, Northstar, Theratique and TLC Rehab were founded in 1995.Today, we are one of the leading rehabilitation providers of Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy in the United States.

TMC is committed to a standard of excellence in the quality of care that is provided to our patients, and in the quality of work expected of our employees. We provide services in diverse settings, including out-patient clinics, skilled nursing centers, hospitals, assisted living facilities, CCRCs and home health. TMC offers direct contact with all levels of management, including the owners, at all times.Our success in moving into new markets is driven by our commitment to have all new business supported by seasoned management, committed start up staff, a dedicated recruiting function and strong clinical and operational support for all new staff. TMC is a company who has a passion for Service Excellence to All, Integrity, Innovation and Giving: Time, Talent and Treasures.

Experience the TMC Culture

  • G2Gimage3Good to Great:
    TMC recognizes that our employees are an asset and contribute to our competitive advantage. We understand that our employees will want to become a fully integrated member of your team, and so by attracting and retaining the best therapists in the industry, your staff and residents will benefit from working with these individuals on a day to day basis. Our commitment to hiring and retaining great therapists occurs through our Good to Great journey as well as the strong, faith led nature of our organization which compels us to take great care of our employee’s needs and the needs of their families.
  • Prayerimage2Prayer Warriors:
    TMC understands that staff members which make up our TMC family are going through many hardships and challenging situations that need prayers. Our company dedicates time to gather and update all incoming requests for prayers from all of our locations, and then a set of dedicated “Prayer Warriors” receive weekly updates for those they can be praying for.
  • Hedgehogimages3Hedgehog Committee:
    TMC has a Hedgehog Committee which consists of staff from each state and all levels which meet quarterly for the sole purpose of bringing the pulse of the field to one committee. The committee then works to determine what concerns to begin addressing and methods of implementation.
  • FinancialPeace2imagesDave Ramsey Financial Peace University:
    TMC provides opportunities for our staff to gain personal financial stability as that is often a consistent stress factor in many people’s lives.
  • The-Mission-Continues-FINAL-PRINT1Together Making Changes
    Together Making Changes purpose is to provide support and assistance to initiatives and special interests of TMC team members, our residents and patients that we serve, and our local communities and organizations. Our efforts and assistance will be focused on creating and promoting positive health, education, spiritual and financial growth and outcomes.

“Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise, risking more than others think is safe, dreaming more than others think is practical, and expecting more than others think is possible.”

– Unknown

Our Mission Statement

TMC will be the preferred therapy provider and employer in all communities we serve and make a positive difference by delivering compassionate, superior care to all. Our passionate commitment to service excellence will create loyal customers and will cultivate the best working environment for our TMC family. Our success is built on unwavering integrity, ethics and an environment of innovation.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit”

– Aristotle