Choosing a Physical Therapy Location: Nursing Care Facilities

Being a skilled physical therapist is a gift, and the people who are drawn to this profession do so because they love people and want to share that gift. This doesn’t mean, however, that you will be happy in just any work facility. Like most job sites, every point of contact where physical therapy can be used has its pros and cons. One of the most popular places for physical therapy services are nursing care facilities. Consider some of these facts to help you make your decision.

Nursing home facilities are a popular job opportunity, and one that is only going to grow as the Boomers continue to age. There are nearly 2 million nursing home beds in over 16,000 care facilities across the country. This trend is only expected to increase, with some reports from the Bureau of Labor indicating that demand for nursing care facilities will rise by a whopping 30% over the next few years. This means that one of the immediate benefits would be job opportunity and security. As a skilled physical therapist, you will have your pick of nursing care facilities interested in your services.

Perhaps the biggest pro could also be considered a drawback. Nursing care facilities provide a particularly intimate relationship with the patient, who you will come to know very well over time. You may even come to know the family of the patient, as well, earning their gratitude for the work you have done. While working so closely with the same patients is a big draw to the profession itself, it can take an emotional toll over time. This is true of any “helping” profession, of course, but it can be especially acute for those in nursing facility care.

Keeping these facts in mind should help you choose where your services might fit best. Choosing a worksite isn’t just about the money or the benefits – it is also about what suits your personality, emotional needs and long term goals.