Excellence in Action: Creating Raving Fans by Providing Superior Patient Care!

A patient was admitted to our Trenton, FL, facility in May 2021, following an elective total hip arthroplasty (THA). Upon admission, she was at partial to moderate assist level for all ADLs. Her goal was to return to her prior level of function, living at home alone, where she was previously independent with all daily activities, that she completed while utilizing a Rolling Walker (RW) due to worsening Osteoarthritis (OA).  The patient worked in the field of construction where her job duties included climbing in and out of concrete trucks and dump trucks.  The pain and decreased mobility of her OA symptoms was beginning to impact her ability to perform her job duties effectively, which led her to elect for the THA.  During her initial evaluation, she expressed a desire to return home independently, and continue working at her construction job. 

Our Therapy team, consisting of Deandre, PT, Maile, PTA, Megan, OT, and Faith, COTA. They went to work, providing patient-centered interventions that focused on getting this patient to her desired discharge level as quickly as possible.  Our Physical and Occupational Therapy teams implemented TMC’s Ortho Connections clinical program focus to address pain, movement, and safety in daily activities.  They also utilized VSTBalance techniques for balance training, improved mobility, and reduction of fall risk.

After just 21 days with our amazing team, the patient was able to discharge home.  Through the interventions of our amazing team, coupled with the patient’s sheer determination, she was able to surpass her prior level of functioning, ambulating with a cane. After discharge, she continued to make improvements, and she soon returned to her construction job, where she is able to climb in and out of her work trucks with little to no difficulty and is walking with no assistive device!  She stated that she was so grateful for our team, and she sings our team’s praises any chance she gets! 

In Trenton, FL, we are creating raving fans by providing superior patient care, and we are ALL IN for helping our patients achieve and even surpass their goals!