Excellence in Action: Creating Raving Fans Through Person-Centered Care!

A patient was admitted to our Houma, LA, facility following a hospitalization for surgery to the digestive system related to rectal cancer.   Following this surgery, the patient became very deconditioned and developed several complications, including a blood clot in her groin and a lack of energy.  In addition, she had comorbidities of significant lower extremity (LE) edema and pain as well as history of LE injuries from a car accident several years ago.

Prior to her illness and hospitalization, she lived at home independently, with family and friends checking in with her on occasion.  When she admitted to our facility, she required total assist with dressing, bed mobility, transfers, and toileting, including management of a newly placed colostomy.  She was very fearful and had a poor outlook of therapy.  She told our team that her family had tried on multiple occasions in her life to get her to participate in therapy, but she believed it to be a scam that the industry used to bill insurance. 

Our therapy team, including Dawn, COTA, Stephanie, PTA, Kelly, PT, and Josh, OT, set out to change her mind about therapy. And through the skills of their hands and the integrity of their hearts, they did just that. 

In addition to addressing the patient’s symptoms of weakness, endurance, and ADL decline, a major aspect of what our team brought to this patient case was extraordinary patience and counseling, helping her through the psychological aspect of recovery. They understood that this patient had undergone a truly life-changing surgery due to the recent colostomy placement and was adjusting to what would be the “new normal” for her life.  Our team walked the fine line of meeting this patient where she was at- emotionally and physically, also providing appropriate challenges to motivate her for improvement. This proved to be a key element for her!

They started out simple – helping her sit up in a chair; standing; assisting with bathing…advancing slowly to the point where they stood by while she performed these activities herself.  This patient was very motivated to return home and to independent living. After 87 days at our facility, through the skilled care and motivation provided by our therapists, she was able to return home with part-time caregiver support. 

This patient was so pleased with the care she received from our team, that she wrote a personal letter, commending them to our owners, Mark and Dreama Waldrop.  Among the raving reviews in her letter, she stated, “In the Rehab Team came, cheery and bright, smiling and kind.  And during the 87 days I was at the (facility), their attitude and demeanor never changed.”  She developed additional complications while in our care, including Urinary Tract Infections, Vitamin D deficiencies, and even pneumonia, but through it all, “They never gave up on me, and little by little, week after week, I got stronger.  They proved this skeptic of rehab wrong –and I am so blessed to have been proven so.”

This story demonstrates how our Houma, LA, team provides the TMC Experience each and every day, going the extra mile for the patients they serve.  And we couldn’t be prouder!