Excellence in Action: February 2022

Focusing on the Remarkable – Beating the Odds, and COVID-19!

A 65-year-old patient was recently admitted to our facility in Monroeville, Alabama. He admitted from a local hospital, following severe illness related to COVID-19, where he had been placed on a ventilator, with a very poor chance of survival.

Prior to his illness, he was living independently, with no deficits, working a full-time job. Upon coming to our facility from the hospital, he was Dependent to Maximum Assistance for all Bed Mobility and Self-Care items, required Maximum Assistance of 2 people for Transfers, and was unable to ambulate. He was very weak and deconditioned, requiring assistance for tasks as simple as sitting at the edge of his bed. The patient also presented with post-extubation Dysphagia, requiring a modified diet of Mechanical Soft and Honey-Thickened liquids to prevent aspiration at meals.

Our Rehab Team recognized the opportunities for improvement that this individual demonstrated and wasted no time implementing specialized evaluations and treatment programs, focused on his individual needs.

Our Physical and Occupational Therapy Teams (OTR Leah, COTA Mikala, PT Oyerhteti, and PTA Drew, implemented TMC’s “Don’t Skip a Beat” Cardiopulmonary program to address functional strength and endurance. The Team also referenced TMC’s “COVID-19 Recovery: Moving Beyond Survival” resources to guide their interventions and helping the patient to achieve his goals.  SLP, Tabitha, addressed not only the patient’s swallowing deficits, but also implemented Respiratory Muscle Strength Training of the Inspiratory and Expiratory muscles, using The Breather.

The patient quickly learned to use The Breather device on his own and enjoyed building his endurance in this manner. He was also very eager to participate in Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) to increase his strength and regain his independence.

With just a few short weeks of intense, focused rehabilitation, the patient was able to return home to receive Home Health Therapy for finishing out his recovery. Upon discharge from our facility, he had achieved Modified Independence to Supervision for all ADLs and Self-Care Items, was able to ambulate 120 feet in the facility with a Rolling Walker (RW) and had advanced his diet to Regular Textures with Thin Liquids.

After his discharge, he gave his testimony at a local church, and was sure to credit our Therapy Team for everything they did in assisting with his recovery. He could barely sit at the edge of his bed on day 1 of his stay, and when he discharged, he was able to climb two flights of stairs and return to work! In Monroeville, AL, we are ALL IN for helping our patients return to full health, even in the face of COVID!