Excellence in Action! – Sharing Comfort and Peace During COVID-19!

The onset of COVID-19 has turned the entire world upside down. The frightening and uncertain environment created by social isolation and quarantine has impacted us all, but most especially, it has impacted the residents of the communities and facilities we serve. Older adults are vulnerable at the onset of natural disasters and crises, and this has been especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To lessen the chance of infection among older people in nursing homes, authorities are restricting visitors to nursing homes and long-term care facilities. As a result, our residents have lost face-to-face contact with their families and members of their community. Group activities and communal dining have halted. The stories have been heart-wrenching. But in this time of darkness, we see the light shining through in our TMC teams and team members.

One example comes to us from our facility in Lakewood, NJ. A resident recently readmitted to our Lakewood, NJ, facility. He had been on the therapy caseload several times in the past, and our team had established strong relationships with him and his family. Upon this most recent readmission, the resident was placed on Hospice care, and his condition was advancing quickly. His family was unable to be with him due to visitation restrictions related to COVID-19. Our COTA, Elbaliz, stayed after work to be with the resident, and to offer him comfort. As Elbaliz sat with him, talked to him, and prayed with him, the patient passed away peacefully.

The patient’s family expressed their gratitude for Elbaliz and her heart for servanthood. Knowing that someone who cared for their loved one as he left this world gave them comfort and peace. Her TCN, Domenick, expressed his gratitude for Elbaliz and her selfless act: “She was there to comfort them in their final moments. She put their needs above her own. She is an awesome therapist, but more importantly, she is an awesome person. We are all blessed to have her with us every day.”

Every day, we hear more stories of TMC team members who are connecting family members and patients through technology, leading social distancing-friendly activities, coordinating parades for families to connect with their loved ones, feeding residents, changing bedsheets, providing therapy services and routine patient care tasks, and simply loving on our residents during this confusing and unsettling time.

We are truly inspired by these, and many more of the selfless acts of kindness and compassion showed by our TMC Family. We are proud to serve alongside our teams each and every day.

ALL IN Lakewood, NJ, and ALL IN TMC Team Members everywhere!