Excellence in Action! – The Thrill of Hope: A TMC Christmas Miracle

Our Prescott, Arkansas Therapy Team

A 46-year-old man was admitted to our Prescott, AR facility following a brain aneurysm, which left him bed-bound, tube-fed, and presenting with increased confusion, agitation, and memory loss. Prior to the aneurysm, he was completely active and independent, with a wife and 4 kids who depended on him. His life was completely turned upside-down.

The resident, unfortunately, did not have insurance to cover his rehabilitation costs. Due to great partnership efforts between the facility and TMC, our team was able to treat the resident with the services he so desperately needed.

The majority of his treatment was completed by Rachel, PTA, Jazmine, COTA, and Elizabeth, SLP. The resident was evaluated using TMC’s specialty evaluations and treated with the following TMC clinical programs: Balancing Act to address fall prevention, Dysphagia to address swallow function, and Mission Cognition to address cognitive-communication skills. Our innovative therapists implemented out-of-the-box treatments, including brain quizzes, memory games, obstacle courses, outdoor activities, home management tasks, and dancing, to address the resident’s deficits. Through these efforts, the residents made quick and effective progress. 

Upon admission, most of the facility staff believed that this man would become a long-term resident. Through the skills of our therapists’ hands, the integrity of their hearts and a passion to make a difference, this gentleman was able to return home. He is now fully independent with all self-care, walking on his own, and eating a regular diet, with no supplementation from a feeding tube. He was discharged home in early December and was able to spend the holidays at home with his wife and children, rather than in a facility.

The Rehab team stated that they could not be more pleased with the progress this gentleman made in the month that he spent with them, and the progress he will continue to make at home. His mother commented that he was truly a miracle.

We are incredibly proud of this team for their efforts in making a positive difference in the lives of this man and his family. ALL IN, Prescott, Arkansas!