Excellence in Action: Therapy and Restorative Superheroes of Care – A True Team Effort!

At TMC our Solution-Driven Services allow us to expand our services outside of the confines of the Therapy Gym and be a lifeline for our customers. One of the ways we do this is through the provision of Restorative Nursing.

Our facility in Gainesville, FL, participates in TMC’s Restorative Nursing program as a combination of Levels 2 and 3.  Under these levels, TMC hires, trains, and oversees the Restorative Program at the facility, while sharing the oversight of 2 CRNAs with the facility.

DeVonte, Rehab Coordinator, recently transitioned to assisting the Restorative Nursing team at his facility. This position allows him to not only directly provide care for the residents but also assist in instructing the CNA staff on techniques and strategies for providing the best care possible. Programs include “Restorative Dining”, which includes a focus on proper feeding and safe swallowing techniques, ADL programs, ambulation programs, exercise and range of motion programs, cognitive maintenance programs, and more.

DeVonte has worked closely with our rehab team at this facility for two years. As a Rehab Coordinator, he is familiar with our therapy team, as well as the residents and staff of the facility.  He took a chance and stepped out of his comfort zone into this restorative role, and our therapists and residents are certainly glad he did! 

As a result of Devonte’s transition to the restorative team, and the direct restorative training the nursing staff received by our Clinical Excellence Department, the Rehab Team in Gainesville has finally been able to implement a successful Restorative Dining Program, something they’ve attempted many times in the past.  Thanks to this program, every resident who eats in the dining room now officially has a dressing/grooming plan which includes hand hygiene and oral care, that is carried out daily by our CRNA staff. Additionally, the therapy team has also been able to finalize and implement an eating/swallowing plan for many of these residents, to ensure safety at meals.

Reviews from the nursing staff and residents of the facility have been extremely positive, including statements such as, “I didn’t know DeVonte could do so many things!”, and “I cannot thank him enough for how much help he has given me!”  We also expect that implementation of this proactive program will improve the Quality Measures of the facility, related to ADL help needed, Weight Loss, Contracture Management, Falls with Injury, Skin Integrity, and more!

Our Gainesville, FL, team is working hard to make a positive difference in the lives of the residents we serve, and in the lives of our customers through a true, interdisciplinary team effort and interprofessional intervention.  Our therapists work hard to address the residents’ skilled needs, and our restorative staff helps them to maintain the skills and abilities gained during therapy. 

In Gainesville, Florida, we are “ALL IN” for patient care!

Devonte, Rehab Coordinator, is shown assisting a member of our facility’s CNA staff with proper feeding techniques.