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COTA/L Karah from our Brookhaven, MS Team!

A resident admitted to our facility following a fall at home, which resulted in a pelvic fracture. Prior to hospitalization, she had been living at home with her daughter and had utilized a rollator for mobility due to a previous cerebrovascular accident (CVA). While in the hospital, a Foley catheter was used for voiding due to her mobility restrictions, and it was not removed until the day she discharged to our facility.

Upon admission, she was completely incontinent of bladder and used a lift for transfers, which put her at a high risk for falls. Upon evaluating her under Part A Services, she expressed concerns about her incontinence. Fortunately, our team had just completed Urinary Incontinence Program Training via eAcademy, TMC’s e-learning platform. When they told the resident they could help with her problem, she was delighted.

She was having multiple episodes of incontinence both day and night when she first started the program, being completely dependent on briefs for protection. COTA/L Karah worked diligently with her to strengthen her pelvic floor muscles with exercises. By the time she discharged home, not only was she able to transfer herself to and from the toilet, but she was able to wear regular underwear with no protection and no accidents!

It is success stories like these that show just how uniquely better TMC’s Quality Measure Programs are than the rest – making a positive difference in the lives of everyone we serve!