PDPM Webinar Series: Census: Best Practices for PDPM – Watch Now!

As PDPM approaches with multiple operational considerations, how much preparation has gone into your PDPM Census Plan? What will change and what will remain the same with subacute SNF referral patterns? What does it take to keep census and referral volume strong in a value-based system that rewards providers for reduced length of stays, clinical competence, and reduced spending?

This 20-minute webinar will review what it takes to be a Preferred Provider in referral partnerships, identify tools to enhance market position, and review industry payment models.

Topics Include:

  • PDPM Subacute Clinical Patients
  • Industry Objectives with PDPM and Value-Based Models
  • SNF Payor Mix Trending
  • What it Takes: Referral Partnerships Built to Last
  • Census Tools
  • Industry Models and Trends

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Presented by:

Mike Wetula, PTA
PAC Partnership Strategist
CCRC Specialist/Area Manager