PDPM Webinar Series: PDPM & Nursing’s Role – Watch Now!

As PDPM approaches, it is evident that comprehensive, supportive nursing documentation must be a facility priority. The MDS and ICD-10 coding process (completed by the MDS Nurse) is pivotal in order to financially succeed under PDPM. Nursing documentation will be an avenue to provide proof of the documented diagnoses and skilled care provided.

Are your nurses prepared for the October 1st transition to PDPM? Please join us for a 20-minute webinar which will provide you with detailed information on nursing’s role and impact on PDPM revenue and provide guidance on nursing documentation and the role it plays in the new payment model.

Topics Will Include:

  • Challenges of the Nurse Assessment Coordinator (MDS Nurse) Position
  • MDS Nurse responsibilities with PDPM
  • Coding the MDS: Who can diagnose and where to find these diagnoses
  • PDPM preparation for the Staff Nurse

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Presented by:

Brenda Parkhurst, MSN, RN, RAC-CT
Director of Coding Integrity