PDPM Webinar Series: Restorative Nursing – Watch Now!

As PDPM approaches, we all need to be at the top of our game in order to provide our skilled patients quality rehab experiences while maintaining fiscal responsibility.  A vital way to meet the needs of everyone is to focus on enhancing Restorative Nursing Programs.

This 20-minute webinar will provide you with detailed information on how Restorative impacts PDPM revenue.  We will discuss what steps to take to improve your existing program, or begin a new one while focused on quality measure outcomes and staff efficiency.

Topics Include:

  • CMS definition of Restorative Nursing
  • Restorative’s impact under PDPM
  • What constitutes a qualifying program under PDPM
  • Ways to ensure your program meets the CMS standards

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Presented By:

Wendy Underwood, COTA/L
Clinical Excellence Coordinator
CE Administrator
Certified Dementia Care Specialist
Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction and Bowel & Bladder Health Certified