Physical Therapy: At the Crossroads of Growth and Opportunity

If you are a student with a few science classes under your belt and interested in the medical profession, but not sure about medical school, then physical therapy should be a very attractive option for you. Not only does this profession appeal to people who want to make other’s lives better, but the flexibility of work environment and hours make this career attractive to people who want to start families, move to a better location or earn a very competitive salary. Need more encouragement? Consider these key facts.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for physical therapists will grow by 27% at least through 2016. Additionally, the American Physical Therapy Association recently discovered that between 13% and 18% of jobs are as yet unfilled. Why? Because demand is simply outpacing available therapists. For many physical therapists, graduation comes with a “guaranteed” job. The range of physical therapy jobs is only limited by your own interests. Physical therapists work for hospitals, in private clinics or even in private homes. Some of the fastest growing markets are in nursing care facilities. And, unlike other jobs, demand for physical therapists exists in every market. If you want to work in an urban environment, you can; if you want the rural experience, well, that is fastest growing market.

For those students who are anxious to have hands on experience, physical therapy provides that outlet. Nearly a third of a student’s education takes place in a clinical setting, with real hands-on training with actual patients. This is the perfect mix for those students who are service minded, but who also love science and the medical field. Coupled with generous programs like TMC’s student tuition reimbursement, physical therapy has never felt like such a good choice!