Physical Therapy Student Clinical Affiliations with TMC

If you have spent a lot of time (and money) on your education, no doubt one of the main reasons is because you expect to be able to find a good job after you’re finished.   The reality, though, is that even with great grades, jobs aren’t necessarily just going to show up at your door.   You also need great clinical affiliation experiences in order to learn the best clinical skills and latest treatment techniques to land the best positions.   But as a student, how do you know where that affiliation should be to get the best experience?   The answer is with TMC.

Why choose a physical therapy clinical affiliation with TMC?   TMC loves working with students.   It is one of the best ways to have our future clinicians excel in their skills.

The reasons go far beyond just getting experience for your future career, although that’s a great start.   Participating in a clinical affiliation through TMC allows for a variety of opportunities.   Think of the soft skills you can build.   Physical therapy by its very nature means having a deep connection and empathy with the clients with whom you will work.   Developing and honing your people skills will be critical to your success in the profession.   Communication is key, and TMC affiliations providethose opportunities.

With a student clinical affiliation at TMC you also have the chance to see which situations you like best.   Your therapy skills will be in demand and you will have a variety of work settings to choose from.   After a TMC affiliation you may find that the skilled nursing environment with its many rewards is the place for you.   Clinical affiliations allow you to discover your work preferences, work style and the situation that suits you best.

Students of physical therapy are drawn to the profession because they care deeply about people.   Doing your affiliation in a TMC partnered location ensures you can match your passion to your values – and experience a dynamic rewarding environment where you can make a positive difference in the lives of all those you serve!