PDPM Webinar Series: Respiratory Therapy and PDPM – Watch Now!

Respiratory conditions are among the top reasons for hospital readmission’s from a SNF, with COPD and pneumonia accounting for approximately 23% of all cases.  Respiratory Therapists are uniquely trained in the delivery of modalities that are paramount to the overall management of patients with compromised respiratory conditions.

As PDPM approaches, providers will be allowed a chance to receive reimbursement for extensive nursing and Non-Therapy Ancillary services provided, including Respiratory Therapy Services.

This 30-minute webinar discusses how implementation of Respiratory services can improve patient outcomes and reduce the rate of re-hospitalization in skilled and long stay residents with pulmonary conditions/respiratory diseases.

Topics Include:

  • CMS definition of Respiratory Services
  • Rules and regulations regarding documentation of Respiratory Services in a SNF
  • Advantages and benefits of hiring a Respiratory Therapist for your Community/Facility
  • Ways that Respiratory Services can impact Nursing and Non-Therapy Ancillary CMIs under PDPM and can trigger a Special Care High Case Mix
  • Tips for Coding Accuracy of Respiratory Services

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Presented by:

Corrie Dyson, MS, CCC-SLP
Clinical Excellence Coordinator
Hedgehog Ambassador
CPI Certified Instructor of Dementia Capable Care Foundations and Behaviors Courses
Certified Dementia Care Specialist