The Many Faces of Contract Physical Therapy


The world of healthcare is changing fast. The cost of doing business today simply outpaces everything else. A shift in policy and ideals has to come quickly if many facilities are to restore their footing in this essential market. Enter services like contract physical therapy. With the ability to provide winning programs and exceptional patient care immediately, it’s the best way to meet patient needs while still controlling costs. Contract physical therapy services are hardly the exception to the rule these days. In fact, many kinds of facilities are using them to control costs. Take a look:

·                 Hospitals use contract therapy services to help reduce costs. Thanks to flexible models that include everything from comprehensive department management to specialized performance needs, they get a proven system of work at a far lower rate than they could have previously imagined.

·                 Skilled nursing facilities use contract therapy services to get access to innovative technology that means stronger, more predictable patient care that helps build long term care services.

·                 Industrial work sites use contract therapy services to ensure injury related costs remain at a minimum. With on-site treatments available, there are fewer lost days and lower worker’s comp costs.

·                 Inpatient rehab units use contract therapy services to get the patient care and compliance monitoring that is so necessary in today’s challenging climate.

Contract physical therapy services can mean many benefits for your setting, but it’s always going to mean better patient service at every turn.