TMC Invests in Physical Therapy Education

Any college student is painfully aware of the rising costs of a college education, and the solution many students are forced to resort to involve student loans. With the average student graduating well into debt (usually at least $20,000), students are cautious about which major to pursue and worried about how to pay those loans back. TMC offers much to students and grads alike. After all, there are two major concerns for most entering the profession:

  • Where will I find a job? Fortunately, physical therapy practicums during the student experience with a company like TMC offers excellent opportunities for finding a job, virtually in any part of the country. There have never been more opportunities to find work in a variety of locations. Our employees work in a range of settings from private homes or nursing homes to rehabilitation facilities and more, and we train those students working with us during practicums to be just as versatile.
  • How will I pay off my loan? Once the six month grace period has expired, former students will find those loan payments coming due. As student loans are the only loans impossible to bankrupt out of, this is possibly the most important loan of your life up to this point. How you go on to treat this loan may well affect your financial life for years to come. Employers have come to recognize student loan repayment is a great incentive to new employees. At TMC, once a new graduate therapist or assistant makes TMC the first employer after graduation, they have the opportunity to receive a monthly stipend for up to three years that may be used to help pay back student loans.

Because the future of physical therapy is so important to our mission at TMC, we are always looking for ways to improve the lives of those entering the profession. Come and see why we at TMC are really the heart and soul of physical therapy.