PDPM Webinar Series: Dementia Staging – Watch Now!

For care providers, staging empowers teams to have meaningful interactions with residents, increasing satisfaction and easing the burden of care.  It also contributes to regulatory compliance, survey success, quality measures, and has reimbursement implications in PDPM.  Now more than ever providers should be experts in caring for people with dementia.

This 30-minute webinar will highlight the benefits of implementation of a formal dementia program in your community, and will provide you with tips and tools for program success.

Topics Include:

  • Dementia facts and figures
  • Staging for an abilities-based approach
  • Benefits of a formal dementia program
  • Principles to guide care approaches

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Presented by:

Corrie Dyson, MS, CCC-SLP
Clinical Excellence Coordinator
Hedgehog Ambassador
CPI Certified Instructor of Dementia Capable Care Foundations and Behaviors Courses
Certified Dementia Care Specialist