Why Work for TMC?

With the state of the country’s health being what it is and the high demand for physical, occupational and speech therapists, there are certainly many opportunities to put your therapy training to good use.   From in-home care to rehabilitation centers, this is an excellent time to launch a career in therapy.   While therapists will find high demand for their services, choosing the right work environment is just as important.   As a leading provider of rehabilitation services, Therapy Management Corporation (TMC) deserves a close look.

Why become part of the TMC family?   Quite simply, with TMC you are able to match your talents with an organization that displays some defining core values.

  • Service Excellence to All.   TMC is committed to Service Excellence. As the preferred therapy provider and employer in many communities, you are making a smart decision to go with the recognized name in the field.   Not only will you be able to draw on our excellent reputation, but you can be assured that you are getting the kind of support in your career that will help you excel.
  • Integrity.   Our ethics are based on our passionate commitment to deliver the highest quality services and support to our customers and TMC family members.   We build our success on our unwavering commitment to our people.
  • Innovation.   Whether it is providing a new service initiative or staying abreast of the best techniques in the field, TMC stands for creativity and innovation.   Becoming part of our network gives you unparalleled access to opportunities.
  • Giving:   Time, Talent and Treasure.   It is very important to us to be a part of the communities in which we serve, whether that is at the employee level or through volunteering in other communities.   Whether supporting student loan repayments or offering emotional support, we are extraordinarily committed to our people, wherever those people may be.

By matching your talents with our vision and heart, you can ensure an excellent working experience for both you and your future patients.