PDPM Readiness

TMC PDPM Webinar Series

PDPM Q&A Open Forum – In the days leading up to PDPM, there were still many unanswered questions. We asked others to submit any last minute questions they had on Coding, Therapy and Reimbursement, so we could give them the answers they need to succeed under this new payment model.

PDPM: CMS Potential Audit Areas – As PDPM approaches, many providers are concerned about what Medicare Audits will include after October 1st. Learn the potential audit issues that skilled nursing facilities will face under PDPM.

Census: Best Practices for PDPM – As PDPM approaches with multiple operational considerations, how much preparation has gone into your PDPM Census Plan? Learn what it takes to be a Preferred Provider in referral partnerships, identify tools to enhance market position, and review industry payment models.

PDPM and Nursing’s Role – Learn detailed information on nursing’s role and impact on PDPM revenue and receive guidance on nursing documentation and the role it plays in the new payment model.

Respiratory Therapy and PDPM – As PDPM approaches, providers will be allowed a chance to receive reimbursement for Respiratory Services. Learn more about the benefits of implementing these services and tips on accurately coding them.

Dementia Staging – Learn how Dementia Staging empowers teams to have meaningful interactions with residents and its reimbursement implications in PDPM.

Restorative Nursing – How will your Restorative Nursing program measure up under PDPM?

MDS Coding – Learn how to accurately code the conditions and needs of your patients under PDPM.

PDPM Pricing – Learn how to choose the PDPM pricing option that best aligns with your clinical and financial needs.

The Basics – This short webinar will review the basic components of PDPM and how case mix is determined.

Preparation is Key – Learn what you and your staff can be doing now to prepare for PDPM.

Navigating Your Way Through PDPM – This is a comprehensive overview of PDPM that goes beyond The Basics.

PDPM: A Financial Game Plan

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We’re Responding with a Revolutionary Clinical Model.

Rest assured, TMC is staying ahead of the curve. We’re currently developing a proactive model of care versus the reactive model our industry uses now. This means better care for patients, and more efficient systems for you. In fact, we’ve already made impressive progress in a number of critical areas.

If you’d like to know more about how TMC is preparing for the PDPM change, and how our new processes can help you prepare, too, call us now at (800) 804-9961 or contact us.

I have had the pleasure of working with TMC for the past 4 years, and was so pleased with their services in Alabama, that we decided to partner with them in a second state with great success. TMC employs seasoned, local managers who meet regularly with our facility teams and provide excellent support to the therapists assigned to my facilities. Their software is cutting edge and has helped us succeed in today’s post-acute arena. Their census program has also greatly assisted us with admissions in one of our rural programs. I made the right decision when I decided to partner with TMC, and would say they are one of the most stable and proactive contract therapy companies I have ever worked with.
Chief Operating Officer, Skilled Nursing Facility Chain
Out of difficulties grow miracles.

Jean de la Bruyerre