Together Making Changes

Together Making Changes 2022 Vacation Getaway June Raffle!

When / Where:

Tickets are on sale for $10 for 2 tickets / $20 for 5 tickets.

They can be purchased HERE from April 11, 2022 – June 8, 2022.

For complete details of each vacation click the following links:


TMC’s Leadership Teams have sponsored a vacation getaway raffle!

The winner will have their choice from some truly incredible destinations:

  • A sailing yacht trip through the San Francisco waterfront and under the iconic Golden Gate Bridge
  • A relaxing 3-night stay in Key West
  • 5 nights of Central American paradise in Costa Rica
  • A 4-night stay in stunning Cabo San Lucas
  • Or a luxurious 3-night stay in historic Charleston!


Click each of the images for highlight flyers for each possible destination!

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