Clinical Excellence: The TMC University of Health & Well-Being

Excellence Through Patient-Centered Care.

Nothing matters more to us than providing the optimum care to every patient we treat. That means staying on top of the latest technology innovations and clinically sound interventions. The TMC University of Health & Well-Being and TMC’s Clinical Education University provide a wide range of courses to guide our staff in evidence-based care.

TMC University of Health & Well-Being

TMC University of Health & Well-Being’s purpose is to provide our staff with educational programs and resources to improve our customer’s and patient’s knowledge and skills in certain areas.  These are program areas that our therapists are already familiar with and are vital to our facility outcome measures.

TMC University Schools

Each school of TMC University addresses a distinct phase in a patient’s treatment progression. These phases include:

Rapid Recovery: The School of Rapid Recovery is dedicated to improving rehabilitation in the short-term, sub-acute population. Resources address issues faced by patients discharged from the hospital and transitioning back into their previous or a new living situation.

Restorative: Our School of Restoration offers programs focused on improving the quality of life for long-term residents. These programs and resources increase awareness of clinical issues facing this population and promote best practices for identification, assessment, and treatment.

Quality Indicators: The School of QI provides resources for improving an SNF’s five-star rating. It’s critical to provide therapists with the resources to properly address these measures, since they impact the quality of care.

Life Enrichment: Life enrichment addresses innovative treatment strategies for patients on Medicare Part B, where therapy is essential for preventing decline and increasing or maintaining functional levels.

Well-Being/UpIT: The School of Well-Being houses our UpIT Wellness resources, designed to promote wellness for seniors. Materials include instructor education, resident presentations, and newsletters promoting topics ranging from functional fitness to nutrition education.

UpIT  Wellness

TMC UpIT programs encompass multiple areas of wellness that improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Each program can be designed for multiple levels, in a variety of settings, to meet the needs of a group of residents or an entire community.

Our wellness program includes:

  • UpIT Senior Checkup Fitness Assessments
  • Programs to impact multiple dimensions of wellness:
    • Physical fitness for a variety of conditions:
      • Arthritis
      • Coronary heart disease
      • Hypertension
      • Balance problems and fall risk
    • Cognitive
      • Brain games
      • Memory enhancing activities
    • Emotional
      • Deep breathing
      • Meditation
  • Wellness Education for Life Plan Community Staff
  • Wellness Newsletters
  • UpIT Health Chats
    • Sharing ideas and tips for healthier living, such as nutrition and healthy food choices
    • Providing support for emotional, physical, spiritual, and social well-being

TMC eAcademy

TMC’s eAcademy’s purpose is to provide our clinicians with new learning in areas of focus related to industry changes, new innovative treatment ideas and evidenced based practice.  These courses are being developed to enhance our therapist’s skills and knowledge as they provide service excellence to all.

A Smarter Approach to Training.

TMC University courses are provided through TMC eAcademy, the educational section of our proprietary JBS Software Solutions. Each course is monitored by a tracking system and requires post-test validation to ensure competency.

Courses include program-specific information such as:

  • Anatomy Review
  • Screening Information
  • Patient Selection Criteria
  • Assessment Methods
  • Evaluation Module Parameters
  • Plan of Care Development
  • Treatment Pathways
  • Documentation Guidelines
  • Communication Guidelines
  • Discharge Planning
  • Follow-up Requirements

All clinical programs provide well-defined, best-practice clinical and treatment pathways. The clinical pathways guide therapists through the tools to achieve optimal outcomes. Our therapists are well trained in these courses so that they can develop specialized programs for clients based on their unique needs.

Advancing Clinical Excellence

The TMC Advancing Clinical Excellence (ACE) program provides a growth path for clinical advancement. A three-layered program allows clinicians to improve their existing clinical skills while taking on a greater role in mentoring others.

In level one, ACE program participants declare an area of clinical focus, and then pursue educational opportunities to improve their knowledge in that area. These Clinical Leaders focus on their home community by educating their team and community staff on improving the treatment of individuals within their declared focus.

In level two, ACE Mentors expand their reach to include at least one other community. Once they’ve progressed to the third level of ACE Clinical Expert, they will further expand their reach to address companywide initiatives within their focus area.

The Experts Behind Our Programs.

TMC University programs are developed by our Clinical Excellence team, a think tank of frontline clinicians. Members meet routinely  to discuss ways to improve the quality, usability, and impact of existing clinical resources, as well as proposed clinical initiatives. Our courses are designed to promote the advancement of clinical excellence.

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